Baby Wearing Wraps: Solly Baby, Moby Wrap, and More!


We’ve all seen moms who make babywearing look super easy (and fashionable at that). Like, did they get the wrap down on their first try? I sure didn’t. Or the second or third. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t crave the ability to wear my baby. To have him quiet and snug, and me just as comfortable. I could run my daily errands with baby in tow, no problems whatsoever.

But that’s the issue--how to do you figure out which wrap works best and master the mechanics to actually use it? It caused a lot of anxiety for me as a new mom. I remember sitting in front of my laptop watching YouTube videos trying to get it just right. Is his head too high? Too low? Can he breathe? Will he fall out? I think Nikash could feel my self-doubt and he'd cry every time I attempted to go hands-free with him.

But I’m here to say, it's possible. To go hands-free with your baby, you don't need to be a rocket scientist or a magician. If I can do it, so can you. Once I got it down, Nikash loved it. He got more mama time and I was able to lean down and kiss his sweet head. (Plus, I was able to get more done during the day!). The key to success is truly practice and comfort--which we all know doesn’t come easily for us first time moms.

That’s why we invited Laura Brown from Mamabird Los Angeles to show us what to do. In addition to being a doula and lactation specialist, she’s a babywearing expert. In this episode on the FAM:For All Moms YouTube channel, she went into detail about the importance of going hands-free for both mom and baby, the options in price ranges, and even taught one of my best friends, who happens to be a new mom, how to master a wrap of her own:

Baby Carrier #1: The Stretch Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap:

Baby Carrier #2: The Ring Sling

Baby Carrier #3: The Buckle Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier:

Baby Carrier #4: The Woven Wrap

Moby Baby Wrap:

Baby Carrier #5: Asian-Style Carrier

Susan Yara