The Silk Eye Mask That Gives More Than A Good Night's Rest

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Mom Life vs Single Life has its differences. For instance, becoming a mom gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, the "morning after." Now, instead of calling our friends with exciting details about a hot date, we're calling in desperate need of sleep training tips and formula recommendations.

Between the late nights and early mornings, you learn to never take sleep for granted. It's not just essential for our overall health and energy level, sleep is also one of the best anti-aging treatments there is. Why else would we call it beauty sleep? It allows our bodies to repair and recover, while increasing blood flow to the skin and collagen production for a glowing, youthful complexion. When paired with my nighttime skincare routine, I can still feel tired, but but at least I won't have the dark circles and puffiness to show for it.

For smooth skin, I also swear by this pure silk sleep mask from Slip. It’s another easy way to prevent wrinkles outside of your skincare routine. It's lightly padded so it's comfy, durable, and feels unbelievably luxurious. If I toss or turn, the silk material is softer than a cotton pillow, so it glides over my skin, rather than tugging on it. This helps to protect the delicate skin around my eyes. The soft fibers also help retain moisture in the skin, which has also relieved my dry eyes that can sometimes look bloodshot. I've even noticed my wrinkles are less pronounced around my eyes, and even between my brows. And most importantly, it helps me sleep better, so my mom scowl is gone. The brand also carries a silk pillowcase if you can't stand wearing a mask. Silk will also help prevent frizz and breakage to your hair.

For more of my must-have products that help repair my skin while I sleep, here is my current nighttime skincare routine:

Susan Yara