Hospital Bag Must-Haves: What To Bring When You Give Birth


It's safe to say preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. From all of the doctor visits to finishing up the nursery, it's normal to feel exhausted before your bundle of joy even arrives. That's why it's important to be proactive about packing your hospital bag to ensure a comfortable stay for both you, your baby, and even your partner.

Before I gave birth to Nikash, I filmed a video on my personal YouTube channel with all the items I was told to pack. But it wasn't until after I gave birth that I realized what I'd actually needed. Most of what I'd packed, the hospital had provided (diapers, mesh underwear, swaddles, pacifiers, wipes, etc.), and I regret not calling ahead of time. What I should have saved room for were the items I wouldn't have access to at the hospital that would make me feel comfortable and more at home. (Especially since I was there for three days after my c-section!)

You’ll probably feel like crap before giving birth. And to be honest, probably after. In that case, it helps to bring along a simple bag of beauty products to freshen yourself up. I even got my lashes done beforehand, which proved to be a mood booster. Remember that just because you’re about to give birth doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it, ladies!

Stick Foundation (

The easier a product is to use, the happier you’ll be. Stick foundation is a great choice because you don’t need a brush to apply it. Use your finger to conceal any redness or dark circles that are bound to appear post-labor. Both Sharzad and I are huge fans of the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick. It’s light and creamy but offers great coverage.

Brow Pencil (

If you typically can’t go without your brow pencil, pack a brow pencil. It barely takes up any space and let’s be honest, brows are important. The NYX Brow Pencil is affordable and does the job of a product that twice it’s price point.

Lip & Cheek Duo Product (

Another simple product to pack is a product for both your lips and cheeks. Sharzad loves the TreStique Blush Stick for its natural flush of color. It’s super quick to apply, which helps if you receive a visit from an unexpected visitor.

Lip Balm (

Maybe it’s because I already had my lashes done, but I didn’t use any of the makeup I actually packed. What I did use constantly was this lip balm from Frank Body. It kept my lips hydrated and the glossiness made me feel put-together with zero effort.

Water Wipes (

It’s hard to get to the sink sometimes. So if you need to remove your makeup or need a little refresh, Water Wipes are a lifesaver.

Yuni Shower Sheets (

I brought all my shampoo and conditioner thinking I was going to shower, but I actually never did. If I’m honest, the shower looked disgusting. Thankfully, I packed these Shower Sheets from a brand called Yuni. The sheets leave a nice, clean scent and contain all-natural ingredients. For the 3-4 days I stayed after my c-section, I used them like an old-fashioned French bath, and never felt anything but refreshed.

Invisiblebobble (

These are my all-time favorite ponytail holders. The design holds hair in place whether it’s thick or thin, and it won’t dent your hair. I ended up putting my hair up most of the time but was able to easily take it down for photos.

Nipple Cream (

From this list, nipple cream was the one item I didn’t have with me. The hospital was able to give me some, but since I was putting the cream on and feeding my baby, I wished I had my Motherlove brand from home. It’s not that the hospital’s brand was bad, I just didn’t know anything about it, and when it comes to ingredients I like to do my research.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Pajamas (

For the first 24 hours, I just wore my hospital gown. But once people started visiting, I put on something of my own. It helps to bring a comfy pajama set or gown that you can breastfeed in. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, these tend to be loose and easy to take on and off.

Comfy Robe (

You might as well prepare for a cold hospital room. I wore a soft and comfy robe the entire time and it made me feel more at home.

Sticky Socks (

The hospital gives you socks, but I ended up packing sticky socks that made it easier to get around on the tiled floor.

Slip-On Sandals (

I mentioned in my first hospital bag packing video how I was packing my slip-on Gucci loafers. But as it turned out, my feet were too swollen to wear them. What I wished I would have packed is a pair of Birkenstocks. It’s one of the first things I bought when I left the hospital. They may be ugly, but they are the easiest shoe to wear, especially when you can’t bend over.

Loose Going Home Outfit:

The clothes you leave the hospital with should be just as comfortable. I was originally going to bring a dress, but I ended up bringing maternity leggings. They were extremely hard to put on and that was a decision I regret. Instead, I suggest something stretchy or a button up, in case you need to whip a boob out. For the most part, you can wear what wore to the hospital on your way home.

Going Home Outfit For Baby (

I brought two outfits for Nikash: A newborn outfit and one for 0-3 months. He was so preemie that he didn’t fit into either of them, even the onesie from the hospital was huge. Thankfully, my mother-in-law came to my rescue and ran out to buy something his size. Next time, I’ll pack a few sizes just in case.

As a quick note, the hospital also provides your baby with a cap and swaddle. But you can always decide to pack a few swaddles and onesies from home, especially for the photos.


Mattress Pad

It’s time to talk about your partner. The hospital only provides a small cot, so my husband was told if he wanted to be comfortable, he should purchase a mattress pad. The one he found was able to fold up and stick in the back of our car. Now it’s getting passed around to all the dads-to-be!

Phone Charger (

A phone charger is always a necessity, but especially when you want everyone to know about the new arrival. You’ll be glad to document the proud and fun moment, even if you aren’t sharing it on social media.

TIP: Still having packing anxiety? A company called YKC offers prepacked hospital essentials for mom and baby, so you’re ready to go! These bundles also make great baby shower gifts.


Susan Yara